NEWS: Week's Import Outlook  
  • DC Ever 17 ~ The Out of Infinity
  • DC Love Adventure, The
  • GBA Princess Blue ~ Hime Kishi Monogatari
  • PS2 Ever 17 ~ The Out of Infinity
  • PS2 Gigantic Drive
  • PS2 Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Mushouden [Regular, Limited]
  • PS2 Switch
  • GBA Black Matrix Zero 
  • PS2 3-D Kakutou Tsukuuru 2
  • PS2 Hooligan
  • WS Shaman King Mirai Eno Isi 
  • Internal PS2 HDD kits are expected at the end of the week. Similar to the External PS2 HDD kits, this allocation is pre-sold out. 
  • Zen Black PS2 console restock will arrive on Wednesday. 
  • Reminder: DC Ikaruga ships next week. Preparations have been made well in advance of the game's arrival and we will be able to ship all preorders over a three day span from September 5, 6, and 9. Due to the large amount of preorders that we will manage for this title, no changes are allowed at this point. NCS may receive another shipment of Ikaruga on September 12 for new orders. 
NEWS: Gamecube Connectivity  
   Preorders are now welcome for the Gamecube 56K v.90 Modem and the GC Broadband Adapter, each shipping on September 12 and October 3 respectively. The 56K modem and BBA are both priced at Y3800 or US$39 from NCS. With Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 + 2 shipping on September 12, broadband gamers will only have to wait a scant 3 weeks to engage in high-speed PSO action. Note that the USA version of the broadband adapter will ship on November 9 at a suggested retail price of US$34.99.  



NEWS: Dreamcast Connectivity Redux  JPN  US$49  PREORDER
   CSI will produce another batch of the Dreamcast broadband adapter if they are able to collect 1000 preorders for the item. The BBA fits in the same slot as the DC 56K modem and features 10Base-T and 100Base-TX compatibility. We figure we're good for a third of the production based on interest received from customers, readers and other parties over the weekend but initial indications of interest seemingly falter when product delivery nears... NCS expects pricing at US$49 which is a tad more affordable than some auctions that we found here, there and here

NEWS: The Attack of the Hamutarou
   After appearing in a number of Gameboy software titles, it's only natural that the mighty Hamutarou invade the plush toy market. Similar to the rash of Domokun plushes that arrived a few weeks ago, Hamutarou will appear in large (shown, to the left), medium, and small plush sizes. Unlike Domokun however, the manufacturer Epoch will also offer many different styles of hamsters dolls, finger puppets, racing sets, and even elaborate dioramas featuring the different hamsters from the Hamutarou universe. A toy shop diorama features a large store and eleven hamsters arranged around the edifice with a few on the roof, some on the ground, and others housed in little compartments. We'll sort out which ones we want and post more details and photos soon. 



ETC: Update Hiatus
   The next NCS website update is expected on Friday but order processing and shipping will remain normal throughout the week. After a few years of consistent website updates on a daily basis with a few impromptu "off-days" from time to time, it feels a smidge strange to take a three day news hiatus. However, website updates resume on Friday and next week when the Ikaruga storm hits these shores. Til then, enjoy your week and the coming Labor Day weekend. 
Summary of the Week
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