GC Viewtiful Joe Revival

   When things take a strange turn at the screening of a Captain Blue film, Joe finds himself donning spandex and fighting to save girlfriend Sylvia. Inspired by his cinema hero, Joe goes through levels by beating assorted goons and solving simple puzzles. Punches and kicks are the mainstay of Joe's assault but special powers are in the wings consisting of slow-down, mach-speed and zoom. The first two powers affect the physics of the game while zoom blows out a local ground attack on close foes.

As if Kids Mode wasn't easy enough, Capcom introduces a "Sweet Mode" in the re-release of Viewtiful Joe. Apparently geared towards the kindergarten set, Viewtiful Joe Revival offers a difficulty level below that of Kids Mode at a friendly price of Y3980. Hard charging players will still be able to play the other difficulty levels if they wish.

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